Why Choose Us

Our Three Core Values

When you trust us with your hearing care and let us into your home, we take that as an honor and strive to provide only the highest standard of care. At Nova Audiology, our three core values are Compassion, Expertise and Integrity & Transparency.


We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and best practice in audiology. This ensures that you receive accurate assessments, effective treatments and optimal outcomes.


Our fundamental core value that emphasizes the importance of showing empathy, understanding, and sensitivity to each patient's unique needs and circumstances.

Integrity & Transparency

From testing to treatment options we believe transparency is the key to a stronger patient and provider relationship. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and informed about your choices.

Convenience- We are 100% Mobile

You save valuable time– no drive time, wait time, or hassle!

We are in your environment– This is a big benefit! We can directly see the areas you’re experiencing difficulty in- such as the cafeteria in your retirement center. We have a better understanding of the space, acoustics and noise levels to help program the devices more customized for you.

Around your loved ones– We often recommend patients bring loved ones, such as a spouse, sibling, best friend to your appointment. Their input is helpful and it also helps having another person understand your hearing and help you through the better hearing journey. Often times many companions cannot join at a standard clinic due to obligations. However, being able to come to you, especially at home or your retirement center, there is a higher likelihood we would be able to have a friend or family member join.

Our “Hear With Confidence” Process

At Nova Audiology, we don’t believe in simply testing you, providing you treatment and sending you off on your way. We want our patients to be confident when they begin their journey to better hearing.

We believe it is important for our patients to understand their hearing, how it works, what their hearing results mean and what options there are to help them hear at their highest potential.

When you are equipped with this knowledge and then receive the appropriate treatment which includes a quality hearing aid programmed by an experienced and skilled audiologist, you’ll have an experience that is unmatched. You’ll hear better and be more confident.

We Serve All Patients

Many clinics do not service hearing aids that are not purchased from them. This leaves people who have relocated to a new city in the dark.

Although there are a wide number of manufacturers, we try our best to help all patients receive the care they need regardless of where they purchased their technology.

Our goal is to help you hear better whether with it is with new or your existing technology.