A Plan Designed to Better Serve All Patients

Often time one of the first question with hearing aids is – “How expensive is it?” We understand affordability is important, and before we discuss how we structure our pricing so you receive the best continuous care. it is necessary for you to understand what needs to be considered when choosing a hearing healthcare clinic:

1. Hearing Aids 2. Service Plan 3. Best Practices

1. Hearing Aids

Nova Audiology is proud to be independently owned, thus we are able to work with all the top manufacturers and create a customized treatment plan based solely on your needs.

We take considerable time during the “Hear With Confidence” Process to determine the level of technology you need to best suit your lifestyle. An individual with a more social and active lifestyle requires premium level hearing devices that uses the technology that has a faster processor and ability to reduce background noise more quickly. On the other hand, an individual who lives alone with very limited social life would not be using all the features and functions of the premium technology, thus a lower-level technology that is also lower in price would be the better option.

During our 45-day trial period, we have the ability to review the datalog of your hearing aids and see which environments you have been in to ensure the appropriate hearing aids have been selected.

Points to consider: 1) Is considerable time being spent to assess which areas you experience most difficulty with hearing 2) Is your lifestyle discussed during the appointment? 3) What levels of technology are being offered? 4) Are they working with the leading hearing aid manufacturers?

2. Service Plan

It is important to know what services are provided with your investment. Some clinics offer an "unbundled model" with lower startup cost for the hearing aids. This covers minimal services from the audiologist in the beginning and then a fee-for-service model. This may be a good option for someone who is more budget conscious or perhaps may be relocating.

From our experience, more patients enjoy the continuous care that comes with the pre-paid service plan. Weprovide a structure and organized plan of action during the process of acclimatizing to the hearing aids, which allows for best success. Additionally, we help protect your investment with our clean and check plan. Having a plan, not only allows you to utilize all of the services you have invested in, but it can actually save more money in the long run.

At Nova Audiology, we offer both bundled and unbundled model as we want to allow more flexibility and more ease to mind when beginning your better hearing journey.

3. Best Practices

While hearing aid technology has come a long way, the importance of how it is programmed cannot be overstated. It is important the provider is following best practices. Is objective testing, such as real ear measurements being performed, or are the hearing aids fit simply based on how they sound to you today? How the hearing aids sound today will be different from three months from now as the brain has adjusted to hearing better.

Think about when you sit in a dark room for hours, if someone suddenly turns the light on your eyes flinch from the shock, it takes a while for it to adjust. Real Ear Measurements are important because it verifies is programmed correctly to your prescription. It is, in fact, the only way to measure you are appropriately fit with the devices. Unfortunately, 70% of hearing care providers do not perform real ear measurements.

It is also critical to have a successful hearing aid experience the provider consider each individual’s unique needs. For example, you could have two individuals with the exact same hearing loss and both require a different hearing aid or altogether a different treatment plan. There are several considerations: age, cognitive ability, lifestyle, aesthetics, dexterity, visual acuity, years of untreated hearing loss.

Points to consider: 1) Are Real Ear Measurements being performed with the hearing aid fitting? 2) Is there a plan in place for follow-up appointments for programming adjustments? 3) Is proper guidance provided on proper care and maintenance of hearing aids?

Hearing Aid Technology

During our consultation we will determine which level of technology you will need to improve hearing based on your lifestyle and areas you experience difficulty hearing. The hearing aid level of technology includes:

1 year service plan
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Standard Technology
(Average market price: $5,000)
3-year service plan
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Advanced Technology
(Average market price: $6,500)
Lifetime service plan
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Premium Technology
(Average market price: $7,200)
Lifetime service plan
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All levels of technology include:

1-3 year warranty with all devices
45-day trial period and brain retraining program
Real Ear Measurements for 100% accurate prescriptions
Device maintenance with professional clean and check
Annual prescription updates included in service plan
Communication strategies and tinnitus management program

Nova Mobile Membership

This membership allows you to receive on-going convenient and quality care at your home or facility.

In-Home Fitting/Programming
In-Home First Visits During Retraining Period- 3 Visits
Overnight shipping for repairs- 2 per year
Ongoing In-Home Appointments- 3 per year
Telehealth Services- We can program your devices even if you’re out of town with our remote programming!
Services at Facility Clinics – Unlimited
Travel fee: $150 without the mobile membership unless provider is already at the facility
1 Year
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2 Years
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Hearing Aid Service Fees

Real Ear Measurements
Orientation, Insertion, Care & Use Instructions
Bluetooth Connection to Cell Phone
Professional Clean and Check
Professional Clean and Check with ReDux Pro Dehumidifier
Follow-up Adjustment Appointments
Telehealth for programming

Other Services

Travel fee for home/work visits
Ear Wax Removal
Ear Impressions for custom molds
Telehealth for programming

Better Hearing For All Patients

Do you have hearing aids purchased elsewhere, but prefer our convenient mobile hearing services? Do you want to see if we can help you hear better with the hearing aids you purchased several years ago? Would you like to take advantage of our on-site professional clean and check services? Whether you invested in better hearing with us, or with another clinic, we would be happy to help service your existing hearing aids the best we can.